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Meet the Employees Who Keep Us Coordinated

Posted by Fidelity National Title Idaho on Jan 5, 2020 12:04:00 PM

FNT Front Office

The members of our front office team are the first people you meet when you walk into a Fidelity National Title office, and it’s safe to say that we simply couldn’t function as well without their stellar service. These women — Kristy Tyhurst, Jessica Olivares, Jessyca Hanson, and Lindsey Swanby (who just moved to an admin position) — assist clients, have an answer for every question, and even keep stashes of juice boxes on hand for young visitors. We asked them for the secrets to their detail-oriented success.

As a member of FNT’s front office team, you’re often the first person a customer speaks to or interacts with in the office. How do you want customers to feel when they come in?

Kristy Tyhurst: I always want them to feel welcome. I make sure to greet them with a smile and offer them something to drink.

Lindsey Swanby: We want to create an environment that’s positive and friendly, one that makes our customers WANT to come back.

Jessyca Hanson: Whether they want to chat about their day, or just quietly sip a beverage and catch up on their emails while they wait for their closing, I just want them to help them feel at home.


What’s your favorite part of the job?

Kristy Tyhurst: I am new to Idaho, so I enjoy hearing their stories about camping and hunting trips.

Lindsey Swanby: I’m no longer up at the front desk, I’m in admin as an assistant, but I still spend quite a bit of time up front covering for lunches, vacations and sick days. My favorite part of this job is the interaction I get to have with our clients up at the front desk. You’d be surprised at what you can learn about a person by just a 5-10 minute conversation. And I love the employees here at Fidelity. Everyone is incredible here. We’ve got a great team!

Jessyca Hanson: Probably helping to solve problems. Often times, people call or come in thinking that what they need from us is going to be a big ordeal, and when I can help get them what they need without hassle and in a timely manner, that’s what I like.


What’s the most frequently asked question when people call in to the office?

Jessica Olivares: “Can you transfer me to … ?”

Kristy Tyhurst: “When can I pick up my new house keys?”

Lindsey Swanby: “Has so and so property funded and recorded?” and “I was told there was a construction draw, is there a check for so and so to be picked up?”

Jessyca Hanson: If I had to pick one type of call that I get more than any other, it would probably be to verbally verify our wiring instructions before someone sends us a wire. Not very exciting, but necessary!


You do much more than greeting customers. What are some of the lesser-known services you provide for the office and for customers?

Jessica Olivares: I would say most of our services are known, but customers seem to be surprised that most people in our branch can notarize documents, so it’s helpful to them when I can notarize them on the spot instead of having them wait specifically for an escrow officer. 

Kristy Tyhurst: I make sure both small refrigerators are stocked with cold water and soda. Snack boxes are always ready with treats. We have a lot of young children come in, so I keep juice boxes on hand.

Jessyca Hanson: I also work in the customer service department as well, so I provide listing books, property profiles, farming lists, printed flyers, labels, etc.


Are there any front-office hacks customers should know about? 

Jessica Olivares: I would say the busiest time to call is between 12:30 and 1 p.m. …

Lindsey Swanby: …and the best times to call are mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Jessyca Hanson: If you like posting pictures of your buyers or sellers at their closings, we have cute prop signs. Ask us to take the pics so agents and loan officers can all be in the photo with their clients!


What are your resolutions for 2020?

Kristy Tyhurst: I just want to continue to learn and grow in the escrow industry.

Lindsey Swanby: For the longest time I’ve always started off my year with the same resolution: Leave people better than you found them. And I carry that with me year after year. I always want to try and leave people with a positive impact. Always.

Jessyca Hanson: Take lunch hour walks even when it’s cold out! 

Jessica Olivares: I just want to provide the best service to our customers and be a reminder of how we think of our clients just like family.

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